Victor Frankl
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Viktor Frankl over Jozefmaria Escrivá:
"the refreshing serenity which emanated from him"

Viktor Frankl (foto: Katharina Vesely)

In zijn boek over het Opus Dei citeert de Vaticanist John L. Allen een citaat van Viktor Frankl over de stichter van het Opus Dei:
Even outside Catholic circles, Escrivá drew positive reactions. The Viennese psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor and author of Mans Search for Meaning, once traveled to Rome with his wife and spoke with Escrivá. Afterward, Frankl summarized his impressions: "If I am to say what fascinated me particularly about his personality it is, above all, the refreshing serenity which emanated from him and warmed the whole conversation. Next, the unbelievable rhythm with which his thought flows, and, finally his amazing capacity for getting into immediate contact with those he is speaking to ... Msgr. Escrivá evidently lived totally in the present instant, he opened out to it completely, and gave himself entirely to it."

In de Tablet wordt deze tekst ook vermeld. Aan het bovenstaande citaat is in The Tablet toegevoegd:
Frankl later described Escrivá as having "a real atomic bomb in his head".

Three years younger than Josemaría Escrivá, Viktor Frankl, who was Jewish, had kept himself going from 1942 to 1945 in several Nazi concentration camps (including Auschwitz and Dachau) through his faith in humanity. As he writes in the preface to one of his books: "In spite of everything, one must say 'yes' to life". Frankl noticed a similar joie de vivre during his conversation in Rome with the founder of Opus Dei, and he describes it in precise technical terms: "Msgr. Escriva evidently lived totally in the present instant, he opened out to it completely, and gave himself entirely to it. In a word, for him the instant possessed all the qualities of the decisive (Kairos-Qualitäten)." 

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